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Hunting 101 – Beginners Guide to Deer Hunting


If you are searching for information for the novice deer hunter, you have come to the right place. Most of the time, you find articles and blogs that are geared towards the advanced hunter; but where is the information for the newbies? Here you will find some basic information to help you learn how to hunt. If this is your first season hunting, read on to find essential tips for those new to hunting.


Dress for the Weather

This is one essential thing that many hunting newbies don’t think about; however, it is crucial to your success as a hunter. For example, if you are starting out your day early yet know it will be warm later that day wear layers that will allow you to shed them as the day progresses and the temperature rises. If you are hunting during the cold winter season a coverall keep you warm while you patiently wait for a deer to approach so you can try out your hand at hunting.


Spend as Much Time in the Field as You Can

If you want to get to be a pro hunter, then the only way to do that is through dedication and time in the field. You are not going to improve your hunting skills from bed, the park or the local discount store. Be prepared to spend as much time in the field as you need to and bring enough food and water with you for the day so that you don’t have to leave your position when lunch time comes. Remember to call it an early night too so that you can get back up and at it early as this is the best time to spot a deer.


Know your Weapon Inside and Out

Besure that you are familiar with the gun that you will be using. Make sure that it is oiled and cleaned properly and free of any debris. Make certain that you are using the proper ammunition for the caliber of gun that you will be using. Another good idea is to practice your shooting during the off season, this will increase your chances of a successful hunting season.

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